Why Love One but Eat the Other? Human-Animal Relations As a Discipline

Tuesday October 5th 2021 | 19:45 – 21:15 | Instituto Cervantes

Since the origin of our species have we interacted with other species around us. We hunted them for food or sport, domesticated and held them for meat and dairy, trained them to guard us, and loved them as pets, the human history could not exist without our relationship with animals. Human-Animal Relations or Anthrozoölogy is an interdisciplinary discipline that looks at the complex relationship between humans and animals, rethinking other disciplines such as history, biology, ethnography and art.

The evening will hold two speakers. The first one is Maarten Reesink, teacher at the University of Amsterdam, author of the recently published ‘Dier en Mens: de band tussen ons en andere dieren’ , the Dutch introduction to Human Animal Studies, and co-founder of the Dutch Center for Animal Human Studies. He will give a small introduction on the discipline. The second speaker is Pim Martens. He is Professor of Sustainable Development at Maastricht University and Senior Fellow in the Ethics of the Anthropocene Program at the Free University, Amsterdam. Pim Martens is founder of AnimalWise, a “think and do tank” integrating scientific knowledge and animal advocacy. Pim will tell us more about why Human Animal Studies has been important in practice in cases such as zoonotic diseases, thinking about zoological gardens, and personal relations with animals.

The event will be in-person and is freely accessible for everyone. However, it is mandatory to show a proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or negative test result at the entrance of the location.