Infected Development: How To Grow While Hit The Hardest?

Tuesday June 29th 2021 | 20:00 – 21:30 | The global pandemic has not been fair to the developing countries. Not only are some of them hit harder than the rest of the world, vaccination of their population goes slowly. As a result, many of the developing countries are dealing with health, social, and economic […]

Literary Café: Freedom and Censorship

Tuesday June 22nd 2021 | 20:00 – 21:30 | Zoom | In 1989, the the Supreme Leader of Iran issued a Fatwa on Salman Rushdie, on basis of blasphemy against Islam and calling for muslims to kill him or point him out to others to do so if they cannot kill him themselves. Harry Potter […]

The Evolution of Catholicism

Tuesday June 15th 2021 | 20:00 – 21:30 | Facebook and Youtube |  Despite being the largest religious group, the position of the Catholic Church in the Netherlands has always been a remarkable one. From being treated as second as second class citizens during the Dutch Republic, to having an own having an own pillar […]

The End of Poverty

Tuesday June 8th 2021 | 20:00 – 21:30 | Zoom | In 2015 all UN member states adopted the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. At its heart are the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), ambitious targets that should pave the way to a better world by 2030. The first, and arguable most important, of these […]

Hammertime or Price Tag: How Does the International Art Market Work?

Tuesday June 1st 2021 | 20:00 – 21:30 | Zoom | The international art market is a world apart for many students. We often hear intriguing and bizarre stories in the news of auctions in which contemporary art is sold for millions. Next to that, we also hear stories of the art sellers and buyers […]

Cuba’s New Chapter

Tuesday May 25th 2021 | 20:00 – 21:15 | Zoom | After sixty years of the Castro family ruling Cuba, Raúl Castro announced that he would pass the baton on to the ‘younger generation’. It is current president Miguel Diaz-Canel who took over the leadership of the communist party.Cuba has been a communist state since […]

Let’s Talk About Touch

Tuesday May 18th 2021 | 20:00 – 21:30 | Zoom | Today’s society is focussed on social distancing. Shaking hands is prohibited, people’s faces are hidden behind masks and human touch is reduced significantly. With terms like ‘huidhonger’ or ‘touch deprivation’ becoming more popular, the importance of touch is emphasized. Physical touch has an important […]

SIB NL Series: Soft Power and the Rise of China

Wednesday May 11th 2021 | 20:00 – 21:15 | Zoom |  In an ever globalizing world, relations between Europe and Asia are changing. In recent decades, various Asian countries have become important global political and cultural powers. None of this would have been possible without the ability to attract and co-opt, rather than force in […]

SIB NL Series: Soft Powers in Contemporary Conflict Dynamics

Wednesday May 3rd 2021 | 19:00 – 20:30 | Zoom |  We are honoured to welcome Dorith Kool for the Amsterdam edition of the SIB NL: Soft Powers lecture-series. Dorith Kool is a Strategic Analyst at the Hague Center for Strategic Studies. She will dive into the role that soft powers play in contemporary conflict […]

SIB NL Series: Q&A with Joke Brandt

Wednesday April 28th 2021 | 19:30 – 21:00 | Zoom |  On April 28th SIB-Leiden will kick off the SIB-NL series on soft power, by hosting an online Q&A-lecture with no one less than the Dutch permanent representative to the UN in New York, Joke Brandt.Miss Brandt has a lot of experience in the diplomatic […]