Apart from the introduction period, we have no obligations. There is no hazing, and we have no hierarchy. To the contrary, if a member wants to organise or create something within SIB, we will do our best to help! This way, every member gets to choose how much effort they want to put into SIB, and by extension, how much enjoyment they get out of it!


Every Tuesday we organize an intellectual evening programme where prominent and emerging journalists, scientists, politicians and business people come to speak about international and/or socially relevant topics. There is always room for questions and critical discussions at the end. The form of an evening programme varies from lectures to panel discussions, and from debates to film lectures.


With SIB you can travel to the coolest and hottest locations with fellow students. Together, we experience different countries and cultures, and discover their history by experiencing them. From the churches in Copenhagen to the Ljubljana lifestyle, and from the cathedral in Cologne to the green hills of Georgia: with SIB, you explore beyond your borders. And all that for a good price!


Mini-symposium | 25th of June | 20:00 | Cervantes (Domplein 3)
Café Talk | 4th of June | 20:00 | Café 't Pandje (Nobelstraat 193)
Open mic | Tuesday 21st of May | 20:00 | Cafe de Beuntjes
EU debat | !Dutch! | Dinsdag 7 mei | 20:00 | Cervantes (Domplein 3) This event will be in Dutch!Altijd
Nederlandse Lezing | GeopolitiekNu | Dinsdag 23 april | 20:00 | Cervantes (Domplein 3)
Incluusion Documentaries + Discussion | Tuesday, 9th of April‼19:30‼ | Instituto Cervantes (Domplein 3) | Free and open to the
Debate Night | Tuesday the 26th of March | 20:00 | Café de Tussentijd
Dies movie night | Documentary about sleep | Tuesday the 12th of March | 20:00 | Institutio Cervantes (Domplein 3)
Tuesday, 5th of March | ‼19:00‼ | Institutio Cervantes (Domplein 3) Incluusion offers newcomers (refugees and asylum seekers) the chance
Tuesday, the 27th of February, 20:00 | Domplein | Bring your headphones + phone! Step into the vibrant tapestry of