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Through all of Europe and beyond! With SIB you can travel to the coolest locations with fellow students.
Ideal for when you want more besides your studies! Every Tuesday we organise an intellectual evening programme.
Anything goes! There are no obligations except for the introductory period. We don't haze and there's no hierarchy!

Our talks

SIB-Utrecht organises a talk every other Tuesday with drinks afterwards. You are welcome to join even if you are not a member of SIB yet! Click here for an overview of our talks.

Tuesday October 13th 2020 | 19:45 – 21:30 | Instituto Cervantes Utrecht |Domplein 3, 3512 Utrecht | While climate change
Tuesday October 20th 2020 | 20:00 – 21:30| Facebook and YouTube| In 2018, China decided that their president Xi Jinping
Tuesday October 27th 2020 | 19:45 – 21:30 | Instituto Cervantes Utrecht | Domplein 3, 3512 Utrecht | It is
Tuesday November 3rd 2020 | 20:00 – 22:30|Zoom| Nearing the end of an eventful 2020, this year has one more

Our activities

One of a lockdown's benefits: having a very good reason to play video games! At October 29th, we will play
The Naturally Society presents: Trajectum Lumen!In the city centre of Utrecht you don't have to be afraid of the dark,
This night we’ll find out which SIBber is able to trick, sabotage and deceive you. October 15th we’ll play the

Latest news

Word jij onze nieuwe stagiair? Al meer dan zeventien jaar lang biedt Meines Holla & Partners ieder jaar enkele talentvolle
Dear members, Here we are again: a new update on how SIB deals with COVID-19, in light of the last
Dearest SIBbers,    In light of the new measures taken by the government last night, and the rising number of

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