In a society, members with a shared interest come together to undertake all kinds of fun and intellectual activities. It is a good way to get to know people. In addition, you can take part in interesting activities such as game nights or a meet-up with refugees. Sometimes the activities are accessible to the whole association, but some are only for the members of the society. Each society has one or two chairs who, together with the members, devise and organize activities. The societies are accessible to everyone.

SIB-Utrecht has the following societies:

Asia Society
The ‘Asia Society’ is concerned with everything that happens in Asia. This society organizes one lecture per year on a subject related to the Asian world. Last year this lecture was about the relationship between China and North Korea. In addition, this society also organizes various activities, such as a visit to a related museum and extensive dining in the best Asian hotspots that Utrecht has to offer.

Die Deutsche Gemeinschafts Gesellschaft (DGG)
When you think of Germany, the stereotypical beer, Oktoberfest, lederhosen, bratwurst or world wars often come to mind. However, Germany is much more than just these stereotypes. With 81 million inhabitants it is one of the largest countries in Europe. Discover this world player in almost all areas that you can think of: technology, philosophy, classical and electronic music, and more.

Digitale en Analoge Spelletjes (D.A.S.)
The games society of SIB! Play with your fellow SIB’ers during a game of Overcooked or sabotage the regime of the board with Secret Hitler; D.A.S. stands for old-fashioned cosiness with board games and new-fashioned fun on the screen.

Fristi Genootschap
Welcome to SIB-Utrecht's ‘Fristi genootschap’! After several initiatives, such as the Whatsapp groups "Fristico" and "Fristishotjes", it is finally time to join the Fristi fans! As the name might suggest, the Fristi-Society focuses on activities around the popular milk drink Fristi. Think of shots of Fristi, Fristipong, but also Fristi marathons!

Kunst en Cultuur Genootschap (KCG)
Art and culture are the foundation of our society. The aim of this society is to bring the association closer to art and culture, in all its forms and sizes. Think of visual art, music, dance and theatre, but also culture in a broader sense, such as language, religion and food. We organize activities like visits to museums, concerts, (theatre) performances and cultural festivals. So, besides international interest, do you also have a weakness for some artistic and cultural enrichment? Then we’re looking for you as a member of Kunst en Cultuur genootschap!

Natuurlijk organizes fun outings in nature and sporting activities such as mountain biking and bouldering.

De V.I.P. 
‘De V.I.P.’ is SIB's new vibrant female society. Do you want to embrace your feminine identity and are you ready to walk around in panther strings and leggings? Then De V.I.P. is your society. We love wine and panthers and like to combine these two with afternoons to the Primark, ending the day of shopping with wine from the Lidl. You will often see us on drinks, just like on canti where our panther prints will not be missed!

The Nacha society welcomes all lovers of nachos, the legendary Tex-Mex dish. It doesn't matter if you prefer nachos with meat or the vegetarian style, we love all nachos as long as as it has is a double layer of melted gooeye cheese! Let us enjoy a portion nachos Hemingway-style or come with us and discover new twists and unique recipes that lots of cafes and pubs give to this divine dish.

Nikè is our sports society! Like sports? Join us? We organise a large range of sports activities of all kinds of sports. Sport is health and fun of course, so why not do more of it! Does it make you exercise and increase your heart rate? If the answer is yes, we organise it!

De missie van dit Opengebroken Gesloten Dispuut Gezelschap Genootschap is om meer acapella de wereld in te brengen, middels deze prachtige zangvorm te verspreiden door louter Dua te zingen. Deze prachtige en ondergewaarde muziekvorm ontbreekt nog in de breedste zin binnen onze mooie vereniging. Wij hopen dit gat te vullen, en gaan ervan uit dat dit door alle leden met veel enthousiasme zal worden begroet. Dit is echter niet alles. Ons OhG-DG² is van vele markten thuis. Wij kunnen namelijk het literaire aspect van elke beetje zichzelf respecterende student natuurlijk niet negeren, wat dan ook de reden is waarom wij investeren in de toekomst door het lezen en bespreken van erkende literatuur.

Viva la revolution! Gooi het landsbeheer samen met ons om in een wereldwijde revolutie. Of kom gezellig samen met ons andere revolutionaire activiteiten doen zoals een dagje naar het dorp Woerden of picknicken in het Julianapark. Ook jouw ideeën voor activiteiten zijn welkom, als ze maar revolutionair zijn. Anyways, revoluties, klein of bekend, wij zijn present!

Do you want to know more about "strange" life beliefs and religious traditions? Are you interested in what inspires people around the world? And do you prefer to know all this in personal conversations with the supporters themselves instead of reading about them in heavy books? Then ‘Wereldreligies’ is just for you!