Members with a shared enthusiasm for certain topics or activities can assemble in a society. Together they participate in fun and interesting activities. A society is a wonderful place to get to know your fellow SIBbelings a bit better. Some of the activities that societies organize are open for all of the association, others for just the members of the society. Every society has two or more leaders who (together with the members) come up with and organize the activities. Every SIB-member can become a member of a society.

SIB-Utrecht has the following societies:

Acapella Society
The mission of the acapella society is to bring more acapella into the world, by spreading this beautiful singing form by simply singing Dua. This beautiful and undervalued form of music is still missing in the broadest sense within our beautiful association. We hope to fill this gap and assume that this will be greeted with great enthusiasm by all members.

Film Society
In 2020 SIB gained revived its film society. A lovely society with the aim to celebrate our love of movies together. We organize activities such as themed movie nights, trips to cinemas and much more! The possibilities are endless! We look forward to organizing even more movie-related activities and to all the new possibilities the future will bring; such as more trips to the cinema, film festivals, or even visiting movie premieres! Who knows, maybe we’ll end up having our very own SIB cinema? Or our own SIB movie? We can only dream big, so stay tuned for any sequels and possible spin-offs!

Maarten van Rossem Society
The year was 2021 in which the magnificent Maarten van Rossem Society, abbreviated to the MvR-Society was established. This story started with two brave men fighting hard to receive the recognition they deserve for their love for the legend himself, sir Maarten van Rossem. His flamboyant extraordinary character and physic make it hard not to love him, but strangely enough no-one else at SIB thought about the idea to establish a cult, I mean society, to celebrate the man’s life.
We, the MvR-Society, celebrate the life, the person, the legend Maarten in multiple ways. We share the MvR-Scheurkalender and laugh about his jokes. We organise movie nights where we watch episodes of Hier zijn de Van Rossems, Van Rossem vertelt, de slimste mens, and more than one talk shows from the past and present. There can never be enough Maarten on television. We also listen to his bombastic angelic voice in the Maarten van Rossem Podcast, not understanding the critique by Meneer Peerenboom en Koos. We also like to take a walk, read: A WALK NOT A STALK, in the Wilhelmina Park, a park beloved by MvR, in the hopes of meeting this god during his daily round.
Sometimes, it might be hard to believe what an influence this man has on our lives, on our worldviews and on our opinions on everything that is old. Maarten is love. Maarten is life.

Swedish Ikea Society (SIS)
This society focuses on the Swedish language and culture. Members who are in love with Sweden and/or IKEA are most welcome to join this association. Together we make trips to IKEA and we had a nice evening where we made Swedish dishes

The Nacha society welcomes all lovers of nachos, the legendary Tex-Mex dish. It doesn't matter if you prefer nachos with meat or the vegetarian style, we love all nachos as long as as it has is a double layer of melted gooeye cheese! Let us enjoy a portion nachos Hemingway-style or come with us and discover new twists and unique recipes that lots of cafes and pubs give to this divine dish.

ToBeHuman Society
What does it mean to be human?