About SIB

SIB-Utrecht is the Utrecht Student Association for International Relations. It is an association where you can enjoy, explore and experience the world around you. There is no hazing or hierarchy. You can thus decide for yourself how active you want to be within SIB!

The Tuesday night

Every Tuesday evening we have an educational activity centered around a international or social topic, ranging from talks to debate nights to workshops. Combined with the subsequent drinks it forms the main body of SIB-Utrecht's activities.


Aside from our open-to-all activities on Tuesday, we organise lots of activities for our members only. These are intellectual as well as social and will allow you to entertain yourself throughout your time in Utrecht. As a member you can join our committees , societieswho organise things like (film) talks, parties, trips, excursions and dinners for the association.


SIB-Utrecht organises all kinds of trips to European destinations like Greece, Barcelona or Istanbul. In the summer we organise a grand trip to exceptional destinations like Georgia, India or the Baltic States. Characteristic for all SIB trips is the combination of social as well as intellectual activities.

Do you want to know more? Request an informative parcel of loop een dagje mee bij SIB (mail naar martinaverdijk@sib-utrecht.nl!)

Introductiekamp van de Utrechtse studentenvereniging voor internationale betrekkingen in de Runsvoort