Board Committees

Board Committees

Committees are groups of members who organize activities or assist SIB-Utrecht in a different way. Board committees are committees that support certain board members with their tasks and brainstorm about new ideas that can help the association.

Acquisition Committee
This committee supports the Commissioner of Acquisition with applying to funds that are used to finance the lecture programme and activities. In addition, the AC also helps committees with financial issues.

Committee of External Affairs
This Committee of External Affairs supports the Commissioner of External Affairs with the organization of the weekly Tuesday evening programme. Together they come up with relevant and interesting themes, they contact possible speakers and they moderate the evening itself. In addition, the Committee of External Affairs helps other committees and societies with the organization of lectures.

Committee of Internal Affairs
This committee supports the Commissioner of Internal Affairs in making the association as fun as possible for all members. They do this, among other things, by evaluating past activities, discussing the process of integration of new members and they organize various activities throughout the year. Examples are the IC cantus and the family day.

Promotion Committee (PC)
This committee supports the Commissioner of Promotion in promoting the association to potential new members. This can be done during the talks, but also through distributing flyers and the promotion of the association during the UITweek, which takes place in August for prospective students.