Introduction periods

You can sign up with SIB Utrecht all year round. The only obligation associated with your membership is to go through an introduction period. These periods take place three times a year: in September, November and March. During the introduction period new members can get to know the association and its members. We do not haze and it is meant as a pleasant introduction. It starts with a camp or city break during the weekend, followed by an introduction week. During this week there are several activities in Utrecht where you get to know each other and the association. Among other things, you will attend a lecture, have a nice dinner together and get to know the different committees and societies of SIB-Utrecht. 

Our next introduction period is in May!

Join us from May 28 to May 30 for the seventh edition of the Utrecht Crisis Model United Nations (a.k.a. the “Simulation”), a weekend full of arguing/diplomacy, backstabbing/negotiations and stress/fun! This time the theme is the Pacific War, starting in 1941.

Costs are €10 at most

Go to the ucmun website for more information or sign up directly via this link!

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