The Dark Side of Tourism: Why are Tourists Attracted to Death and Disaster?

Tuesday October 12th 2021 | 20:00 – 21:30 | Café Hemingway

Would you like to go on a trip to Chernobyl? Did you visit camp Westerbork or the Anne Frank house last summer? If your answer is yes, you can call yourself a dark tourist. Dark tourism is a form of tourism by which people are attracted to visit places of death and tragedy. In recent years, dark tourist locations have become more popular than ever. For example the city of Chernobyl saw a massive increase in tourists that visited the city after the appearance of the series Chernobyl on Netflix. Why are people so attracted to places where other people died or where disasters have happened? What can we learn from visiting dark tourist sites and does dark tourism have any bad consequences?

Those are examples of questions that will be answered by Egbert van der Zee and Rami Isaac during our evening on dark tourism on October 12th. Egbert van der Zee is a lecturer at Utrecht University, with a specialisation in Tourism Geography. Dr. Rami Isaac is connected to the Academy of Tourism at Breda University and conducted research on dark tourism around the world, for example on holocaust concentration camp memorial sites in the Netherlands. During the lecture Mr. van der Zee and Dr. Isaac will tell us more about the development, dynamics and consequences of dark tourism by zooming in on popular dark tourist sites in the Netherlands and abroad.

This evening will be free of charge. It will be in-person, but due to limited capacity we kindly ask you to sign up via this form: https://forms.gle/ZzrXbcwMGszVLDdn9

Because of COVID-19 measurements you need to show a proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or negative test result via the ‘CoronaCheck app’ at the entrance of The Hemingway.