GMA Committees

GMA Committees

Committees are groups of members who organize activities or assist SIB-Utrecht in a different way. GMA Committees are committees that do not fall under the board, but must answer to the GMA (General Members’ Assembly).

Auditing committee

The Auditing Committee monitors and supports the treasurer with diverse financial matters and difficult issues. They ensure that SIB's finances are handled with care and see to it that the bookkeeping is done correctly.


The Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors assists the board and gives requested and unrequested advice. Members can always contact them for questions and comments. For contact, mail to:


The SIB-Link is an independent committee that writes and compiles the association magazine four times a year. The committee members do the editorial work, the design and write some of the articles themselves, but other SIB members can also contribute to the SIB link by submitting quotes or writing articles.