Committees are groups of members who organize activities or assist SIB-Utrecht in a different way. Some committees run throughout the year, others are specially designed for a project. Joining a committee is the ideal way to get to know your fellow SIB members more and to really contribute to the association. Of course, you also gain a lot of organizational experience that you can use later in life. If you are interested in joining a certain committee, you can always let us know!

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Standing Committees
Activities Committee
ICT Committee
Project Committees
MEME Committee
Lustrum Committee
FIT Committee
Gala Committee
LIT Committee (LIT in 2019)
Septembercamp Committee (Camp 2021)
Simulation Committee
Symposium Committee
UIT Committee
Board Committees
Acquisition Committee
External Affairs Committee
Promotion Committee
Internal Affairs Commitee
GMA Committees
Audit Committee
Raad van Advies