The Freedom and Suppression of Tibet

Tuesday March 30th 2021 | 20:00 – 21:15 | Zoom |

The situation concerning Tibet is alarming. In 1912 Tibet declared its independence from China, but ever since 1949, when the invasion of Tibet took place, China has played an increasingly oppressive role in the autonomous region. The social, cultural and political rights of the Tibetan people are being ignored. Discrimination, arbitrary prosecution and forced relocation are commonplace. Tibet’s status is said to be unclear at the moment and the situation tense. For example, demonstrating is impossible, Tibetans are discriminated against, and human rights are violated. China would like Tibet to become part of the Chinese culture and power. But why do they want this? And to what extent does China currently exercise power over Tibet?

Among other questions, we will discuss this together with the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT). ICT is an organization that fights for the freedom, and against the suppression, of Tibet. ICT consists of a diverse group of people, among them researchers and lobbyist, that know a lot about the situation in Tibet. In this Zoom-meeting we will have the opportunity to talk with ICT about the tense situation in Tibet, and we will be able to talk with them about suppression in general, which we will later do in Break-Out rooms.

Make sure to join this interesting evening, you can sign up for the Zoom-link until 11:00 march 30th: https://forms.gle/YL5FjwtRZvKXeEie9