The Use of Force and the Freedom to Protest
The Use of Force and the Freedom to Protest

The Use of Force and the Freedom to Protest

Tuesday Januari 19th 2021 | 20:00 – 21:15| Online|

We are excited to announce a SIB-Utrecht and Urios collaboration in the new year!We warmly invite you to join our online lecture on the use of force in connection to the right of assembly. Our event will take place in the evening of Tuesday 19th of January 2021, with the livestream starting at 8:00pm.In recent times many protests have been covered in the news. Just to name a few: the protests in the USA in light of police brutality, protests in Hong Kong demanding democratic governance, the political demonstrations in Belarus, as well as many demonstrations against the COVID-19 measures. Many of these demonstrations end in violence either from the police force or from the citizens themselves or both. During our online event we will highlight the legal aspects of the violence that can be seen during these demonstrations. We will look at human rights as well as humanitarian law. As per usual we will end the talk with a discussion so everyone can ask their questions to the guest speakers. We will merely use the above mentioned examples to discuss this broader issue they have in common.

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This talk will be livestreamed on our Facebook page and YouTube channel and will be accessible for everyone to watch. You will be able to ask the speakers your questions in the chat! Check out the following links on January 19th at 20:00:

You can also join the Zoom-call to personally discuss the matter and ask your questions, stay tuned for the link!