Social Safety: Towards a Positive Environment

Tuesday January 25th 2021 | 20:00-21:30 | Location t.b.a.

How can we work towards a positive environment in which everyone feels safe? This will be the leading question of our talk ‘Social Safety: Towards a Positive Environment’ on January 25th. As part of our Social Safety themedweek Amma Asante will tell us more about social safety and the importance of it in our daily lives. Ms. Asante is a senior researcher at Movisie: an organisation that focusses on social issues. Within Movisie Ms. Asante has a specialization in social safety. She did multiple research projects on how to prevent inappropriate behaviour and sexual violence and she stands up for a culture change within student associations to guarantee social safety. How do you know the limits of someone else? What role can students play in preventing inappropriate behaviour? And how to react when you see inappropriate behaviour happening? Those are examples of difficult, but important questions that will be answered during the talk.