Researchers of the future: PhD Night

Tuesday March 3rd 2020 | 19:45 – 21:30 | Cafe Hemingway | Janskerkhof 6, 3512 BK Utrecht |

The PhD or Doctorate: a prestigious degree reserved for those who have successfully produced and defended their original research, as crowning of their academic studies. Acquiring a PhD usually takes several years and requires passion for the field of study – as well as discipline. Eventually, PhD candidates form the next generation of scientists and philosophers: the researchers of the future.

On this evening, several PhD candidates in different fields of study will briefly present their research. Among them is Steven Weisscher, who researches delta formation in an experimental flume. After a short break, we will discuss the process and challenges of working on a thesis and acquiring the coveted title of ”Doctor”.

This programme is public and free of charge! Be on time, because there are limited seats available. Afterwards, there are drinks in cafe Hemingway!