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Our talks

SIB-Utrecht organises a talk every other Tuesday with drinks afterwards. You are welcome to join even if you are not a member of SIB yet! Click here for an overview of our talks.

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Our activities

The Naturally Society presents: Trajectum Lumen!In the city centre of Utrecht you don't have to be afraid of the dark,
This night we’ll find out which SIBber is able to trick, sabotage and deceive you. October 15th we’ll play the
Pick your Picture Netflix Party🎥: A good ol' Netflix Party to start the year off! Start time: September 3rd, 20:30!

Latest news

Important announcement Today the Dutch government gave a press conference on the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation within the Netherlands and the
We are proud to announce today the very special kick-off for the Groentetas pilot! 🤩🍐From now on you can officially
Every year the Raise and Give Week (RAGweek) is organised by students in Utrecht. This year we raise money for

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