Through all of Europe and beyond!

With SIB you can travel to the coolest and hottest locations with fellow students. Together, we experience different countries and cultures, and discover their history by experiencing them. From the churches in Copenhagen to the Ljubljana lifestyle, and from the cathedral in Cologne to the green hills of Georgia: with SIB, you explore beyond your borders. And all that for a good price!

SIB organizes at least three trips every year. During summer, we often visit a destination outside of Europe with a group of around 25 people. For example, we once went to Georgia and Armenia. Furthermore, we have an introduction period in November, and one in March, during which new and old members have the chance to go on a weekend trip in Europe to places like Lille, Bruges, and Cologne. For our members that really like travelling, we also have a week-long trip, which usually takes place in April. Destinations of previous years have been Bilbao, Thessaloniki and Edinburgh. In short, in one SIB year, you can already discover quite a lot of Europe! Our trips are both fun and intellectual, and this makes a trip with the association a unique experience. These trips are organized by different committees, that rise to the challenge every year to make the trip as fun and affordable as possible. You might want to experience organizing a trip yourself; at SIB it is all possible.