What is NGIZ?

SIB-Utrecht cooperates with the Dutch Society for International Affairs (Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken). This society aims to inform as many people as possible about a wide range of international affairs. NGIZ has departments in various locations in the Netherlands. Currently, departments are active in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam and the Northern Netherlands.

The society organizes lectures and debates, establishes chairs at Dutch universities and collaborates with other organizations in the field of international relations. NGIZ is both a forerunner and one of the founders of the Netherlands Institute for International Relations 'Clingendael'. The society still maintains a special relationship with Clingendael. The secretariat is established there, and both organizations regularly organize joint meetings. For more information, visit

SIB-Utrecht & NGIZ

NGIZ has a close relationship with SIB. Members of SIB are automatically aspiring members of the society. The chair of SIB-Netherlands is on the board of NGIZ national. In addition, the chair of SIB- Utrecht has a place on the NGIZ-Utrecht board. NGIZ and SIB are increasingly working together, at both the national and regional level.