Mysteries of Utrecht

Tuesday October 6th 2020 | 20:00 – 21:30| Facebook and YouTube | 

If you’ve ever been to Utrecht, you know the city is clouded in mystery. There’s history all around and this can raise many questions. For instance, there’s an unwritten rule that no building can be higher than our famous DOM-tower, but why? And why has the DOM-church never been restored? Where did our famous “broodje Mario” come from? And why is the water of the “Oudegracht” so much lower than the street? Luckily twelve students at the university of Utrecht have taken it upon themselves to start a podcast, all focused on the history and mysteries surrounding Utrecht. With as their main aim: to give a voice to the sometimes unheard, personal history of special residents of Utrecht. During this online interview we will learn all about the process of making the podcast and their research, mysteries they’ve uncovered along the way and how to keep history alive for everyone.

Thomas van Roijen and Maurice Visser are students at the faculty of humanities at Utrecht University and presenters of the podcast: the DOMcast, winner of Exceptional Extracurriculur Achievements 2020.This talk will be livestreamed on our Facebook page and YouTube channel and will be accessible for everyone to watch. You will be able to ask the speakers your questions in the chat!

Check out the following links on October 6th at 20:00:https://www.facebook.com/utrechtsib/
https://www.youtube.com/user/SIBUtrecht/ Minder weergeven