Let’s Talk about Time: The Concept of Time Explained

Tuesday December 7th | 20:00-21:30 | Café de Beuntjes

Time is an interesting phenomenon in many ways. Scientifically, but also philosophically. Time is a difficult concept to grasp, and therefore difficult to define. Yet we are constantly busy with time. What can be scientifically said about time, both on Earth and in the universe? But also, what does time mean to humans? The uncontrollability of time can be frightening. These are questions we are going to discuss this evening.

We are going to talk about time with two experts on the subject. Prof. dr. Renate Loll is a professor in Theoretical Physics and is going to give us an introduction into the scientific side of time. Mister Henri Oosthout, a respected mathematician and philosopher, is going to take about time in a philosophical light.

This evening is freely accessible for everybody.