Infected Development: How To Grow While Hit The Hardest?

Tuesday June 29th 2021 | 20:00 – 21:30 |

The global pandemic has not been fair to the developing countries. Not only are some of them hit harder than the rest of the world, vaccination of their population goes slowly. As a result, many of the developing countries are dealing with health, social, and economic crises. While the Western countries are already seeing the end of the infection tunnel, the future of those in the Global South is more uncertain. What does the future look like for these countries? How does this inequality come about? Is every developing country hit the same? How long would it take to go back to their ‘normal’? How can the west, and the Netherlands specifically, play a role in this?

This and more will be discussed with Yvonne Heselmans, Project Manager at Wilde Ganzen, an NGO that supports    local initiatives against poverty.

This talk will be online and livestreamed on our Youtube and Facebook channel. You are also able to watch the livestream together from Instituto Cervantes: https://forms.gle/jpBq92jr5XDn2RnCA