Future of the forests

Tuesday October 27th 2020 | 19:45 – 21:30 | Instituto Cervantes Utrecht | Domplein 3, 3512 Utrecht |

It is widely known that many forests in the world are endangered by (illegal) clearcutting, especially the Amazon rainforest. However, more and more attention is given to planting new trees, partly in order to combat climate change. In 2015, the United Nations set a number of global goals for a better and more sustainable future for all. One of these is to protect and restore life on land, including ecosystems, forests and biodiversity.

But what is the current state of forests in the world, and what are some of the causes of deforestation? How is this related to poverty, as well as our economies? Moreover, what are likely future scenarios for deforestation?

We will discuss this with Edwin Pos. He is professor Ecology and Biodiversity at Utrecht University, nominated for the Outstanding Teacher Award, and member of the Amazon Tree Diversity Network.

This talk is free of charge and is organised in collaboration with the Dutch United Nations Association and part of the series DUNSA Talks to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.