Film Talk: The Shining

Tuesday November 17th 2020 | 19:00 – 22:00| Online|

The horror classic The Shining is still able to leave audiences frightened 40 years later, but what makes this particular movie so captivating? A movie so rich with ambiguity and yet completely capable of bringing forth such tangible tension. Given the many reboots and remakes that exist for nearly every movie (including a The Shining TV mini-series) it is interesting to see how the same story can succeed the one time and fail the other. There seems to be more in play in a good movie than a synopsis, or perhaps even a script, is able to reveal. Our speaker Brendan Vos, teacher film and skilled in film narratology, will be able to enlighten us about just what makes The Shining’s narrative so effective. How are The Shining and other movies able to stitch together all of their sights, sounds and scenes to form one whole that can be eldritch, enticing and entertaining?

We will watch the movie together and afterwards these questions and more will be answered by Brendan Vos, who’s an experienced public speaker with a demonstrated history of working in education, cultural events and film.

We hope to see you then! Details will be send out to participants who have signed up with the following link: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-film-talk-the-shining-127992550163