Medical Diplomacy: Chinese Investments in Zambia

Tuesday February 15th | 20:00-21:30 | Location T.B.A. It is no secret that the Chinese government invests huge amounts money and knowledge in the African continent. One of the sectors that is top priority for China is the medical sector in Africa. Even though this form of medical diplomacy is not something new, the COVID-19 […]

Combating Online Sexism: Online Hatred and Abuse Against Women

Tuesday February 8th 2022 | 20:00-21:30 | Location T.B.A. | Signup link: https://bit.ly/3toev5Y Recent research of De Groene Amsterdammer in collaboration with Utrecht Data School has shown that in the Netherlands ten per cent of all tweets directed at female politicians, contain hate or aggression. Politicians receive a lot of online hate and abuse, but […]

Social Safety: Towards a Positive Environment

Tuesday January 25th 2021 | 20:00-21:30 | Location t.b.a. How can we work towards a positive environment in which everyone feels safe? This will be the leading question of our talk ‘Social Safety: Towards a Positive Environment’ on January 25th. As part of our Social Safety themedweek Amma Asante will tell us more about social […]

Do We Have a Lift Off? Cultivating Food on Mars and the Moon

January 18th 2022 | 20:00-21:30 | Online via Zoom (link will follow) Where will our food come from in the future? And how do astronauts actually get their food? The planet of Mars and the moon have many possibilities! Wieger Wamelink, researcher Mars- and Lunar soil, tries to find out if Mars and the moon […]

Off Your Chest: Predicting Breast Cancer Risk

January 11th 2022 | 20:00-21:30 | Online via Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82294086558?pwd=N2ZiajlYT1RqOER5S0V0TnNSRjhlUT09 Every year approximately 15.000 people in the Netherlands are diagnosed with breast cancer. The chances of surviving breast cancer has increased during the last 60 years, which is partly due to new research. Matti Rookus is one of the headfigures in doing research on this […]

Cancelled: Utrecht Lumen Tour with SIB

Tuesday December 21st | 20:00-21:30 | Utrecht Unfortunately this event is cancelled because of COVID-19 restrictions. We hope to see you back at SIB-Utrecht soon. Do you want to discover the city of Utrecht in an original way? Join us during the Utrecht Lumen tour with the External Affairs Committee of SIB-Utrecht. During this evening […]

In Gesprek met Amina: Topvrijwilliger in Utrecht

Tuesday December 14th | 20:00-21:30 | Online via Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85675810685?pwd=aGFEcjBieXNZb2ZLU2ZNSytWSElwZz09 Amina Berkane Abakhou was pas 17 jaar toen ze vanuit Marokko naar Utrecht kwam. Na verschillende schoonmaakbaantjes kwam ze terecht in de thuiszorg, waar ze het zorg en welzijnswerk ontdekte. Samen met een partner richtte zij Attifa op: een organisatie die ondersteuning biedt aan migrantenouderen […]

Let’s Talk about Time: The Concept of Time Explained

Tuesday December 7th | 20:00-21:30 | Online via Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81024300173?pwd=S25Ua2hnZitZOEFyczRkajRlcEZLZz09 Time is an interesting phenomenon in many ways. Scientifically, but also philosophically. Time is a difficult concept to grasp, and therefore difficult to define. Yet we are constantly busy with time. What can be scientifically said about time, both on Earth and in the universe? […]

Let’s Play: De Opkomst van eSports

Tuesday November 30th 2021 | 20:00-21:30 | Online via Twitch. ESports, ook wel electronic sports genoemd, is het op professioneel niveau spelen van games. De gamers strijden tegen elkaar om toernooien te winnen van populaire games zoals League of Legends, Heartstone en Rocket League. Net als fysieke sporttoernooien worden eSport competities uitgezonden en voorzien van […]

FIT (6-7 november 2021)

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