Artificial Intelligence and Man

Tuesday November 19th 2019 | 19:45 – 21:15 | Instituto Cervantes Utrecht |Domplein 3, 3512 Utrecht |

It has become impossible to imagine a world without machines, but some work done by machines is not self-evident. When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, Facebook, Instagram, and advertisements immediately come to mind. Besides ‘big data’, there are many more applications of AI such as text prediction when writing a mail or self-driving cars. However, critics of AI warn of its dangers and possible negative effects on society. For example, in the past year news has surfaced that Google employees listen in on the AI Google Assistant, and more recently so-called ‘deepfakes’ have blurred the line between the real and the fake.

What exactly makes AI intelligent and what is machine learning? Furthermore, what are the ethical and societal implications of its development? Should we embrace or beware AI?

We will discuss this with Roy de Kleijn, Jeroen van der Most, and Peter Novitzky. Roy de Kleijn is expert in the field of (cognitive) robotics and AI at Leiden University. Jeroen van der Most is an artist who combines traditional ways of making art with data, algorithms, and AI. Peter Novitzky is researcher at Wageningen University and expert on Philosophy, Ethics and Scientific Integrity.

This talk is free of charge. Afterwards, there will be drinks at cafe Hemingway!