Vacature bestuur 2024-2025

Vacature bestuur 2024-2025

Do you dream of a year full of SIB, meetings with other associations and organisations, extraordinary evenings of drinks, various challenges and above all a lot of intellectual and social activities? Does your heart beat faster from Talks, trips, Friday afternoon drinks, symposia, but also responsibility, organising and taking the lead? Then being on the Board of SIB-Utrecht is something for you!

Is this what you are looking for?

• Four or five very nice co-Board members

• A year that you will never forget and from which you will learn a lot

Lijkt dit je een interessante uitdaging, stuur dan je cv en motivatie naar info[at] Graag horen wij in welke twee (of meer) functies je geïnteresseerd bent.


As President you take the lead in indicating the path that the Board takes and you keep an eye on whether this is the desired direction. In addition, you ensure that your Board members remain motivated and receive guidance if necessary. As President you provide direction and you are there for Board members to fall back on. It is important that you can keep a good overview, are stress resistant and are full of enthusiasm.

As President you are also the face and main point of contact of SIB, for example at Uglobe, to UU and HU and the government. For that you have to be representative. Assertiveness is an advantage, but not a necessity.

Duties of the President include:

  • Preparing and leading Board meetings and General Member Assemblies
  • Guarantee the housing of the association
  • Supporting and motivating fellow Board members
  • Being a leader in writing policy and the annual report
  • Representing the association
  • Taking a seat on the Board of the Federation International Student Association and SIB-Nederland
  • Maintaining contact with the Board of Advisors
  • Checking the Treasurer's accountancy

The Secretary is the organisational brain behind the Board. The Secretary ensures that the news provision runs smoothly (think of the website and the eSIB). Another important task is to keep records and streamline knowledge preservation. This includes, for example, taking minutes at Board meetings and the GMA’s

As a Secretary you are above all a general Board member. This means that you have a lot of time to support your Board members, for example by selecting a haphop location for the Commissioner of Internal Affairs. You also have the freedom to create your own projects or to participate in certain committees.

Duties of the Secretary include:

  • Maintaining the news provision (website, eSIB, other mails)
  • Maintaining the administration and streamlining knowledge preservation
  • Updating the website in collaboration with the IT committee
  • Being a general Board member

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the money. This "management" means two things here. First, the Treasurer is responsible for the choices regarding the use of SIB’s money. For this it is important that the Treasurer draws up budgets together with fellow Board members and / or committee members, that you always maintain communication with others regarding money spending and that you can also be strict and set limits.

Secondly, the Treasurer ensures accurate recording of what money has been spent on, by keeping the accounts. In this respect it is important that you can work accurately and understand what numbers are. Other tasks include collecting money, sending and paying invoices and keeping up with dash lists.

Duties of the Treasurer include:

  • Preparing the annual budget of the association (in consultation with fellow Board members)
  • Drawing up budgets per activity (in consultation with committee members)
  • Accounting
  • Preparing and presenting a financial half-year and annual report to the GMA
  • All other matters related to the management of finances (collection, payment of invoices, etc.)
  • Maintaining contact with the Auditing Committee
Commissioner of Acquisition

By "acquisition" we refer to the acquisition of subsidies from funds for our intellectual activities. The Commissioner of Acquisition is responsible for this and chairs the Acquisition Committee, which provides support to this position.

The Commissioner of Acquisition considers which activities in this year may be eligible for subsidies from funds. In due time, you prepare the applications, following up on the agreement and rounding it off. When doing so, it is important that a detailed budget has been drawn up for the application, as well as an accurate realisation upon completion. In addition, it is very important that the Commissioner of Acquisition masters the Dutch language well and above average, since communication with funds generally takes place in writing and the written texts must be accurate, clean, and appealing.

Duties of the Commissioner of Acquisition include:

  • Maintaining communication and coming to agreements with funds
  • Drawing up and sending out requests and rounding off
  • Drawing up budgets and realisations of the relevant activities
  • Ensuring that promotion requirements of funds are met
  • Chairing the Acquisition Committee
Commissioner of Internal Affairs

As Commissioner of Internal Affairs you are responsible for the integration and the connecting of members to the association. The first involves giving shape to the four introduction periods and ensuring that new members quickly feel at home and become active within committees and/or societies. In addition, the Commissioner of Internal Affairs chairs the Internal Affairs Committee and together they ensure that members continue to feel connected to SIB. This is done through regular contact with members, member appreciation and organising activities. The Commissioner of Internal Affairs directs most of the committees and societies that SIB-Utrecht has. One of your most important tasks is that you are a point of contact for all members. It is therefore important that you can treat information that members share with you confidentially in any situation and that you can listen carefully. In addition, an open attitude and a dose of enthusiasm is an advantage for this position.

Duties of the Internal Commissioner include:

  • Chairing the Internal Affairs Committee (IC)
  • Guaranteeing member integration and connection in collaboration with the IC
  • Shaping the three annual introductory periods that SIB-Utrecht has
  • Guaranteeing member connection through contact, member appreciation and organising (association-wide) activities, under which a few themed weeks in collaboration with the Commissioner of External Affairs
  • Managing committees and societies
Commissioner of External Affairs

As a Commissioner of External Affairs, you are primarily responsible for the intellectual program of SIB. You guide the members of the External Affairs Committee (EC) in preparing the Tuesday evening programme and you are ultimately responsible for the Tuesday evening programme as a whole, including the course of the evening. This requires that you can work together well, have an overview and are stress resistant. It is also important that you have affinity with organising Talks and variations on those (Tuesday’s Twists).

In addition to Tuesday evenings, you are also responsible for other intellectual activities within SIB. In addition to the EC, you also guide the Film Committee in the organisation of Film Talks, the Symposium Committee and you help guide the Activities Committee.

Duties of the External Commissioner include:

  • Coordinating the Tuesday evening programme
  • Chairing the External Affairs Committee
  • Guiding (committee) members and external organisations with their programmes within SIB
  • Supervising the Film Committee, the Symposium Committee
  • Collaborating with the Commissioner of Internal Affairs, Activities committee and External committee on themed weeks
Commissioner of Promotion

The Commissioner of Promotion is responsible for, among other things, making SIB-Utrecht and its programme known to a wider audience, reaching interested parties and recruiting new members. It is therefore important that the Commissioner of Promotion can easily make new contacts and is creative in coming up with solutions. Designing promotional material in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Canva is also an important asset of this position. In addition, the Commissioner of Promotion chairs the Promotion Committee (PC). This committee provides support in thinking of plans and implementing the devised plans.

Duties of the Commissioner of Promotion include

  • Promoting SIB-Utrecht to external parties
  • Designing promotional material
  • Chairing the Promotion Committee, managing the UIT Committee, and possibly the Yearbook / Almanac Committee
  • Managing promotion for and on Tuesday evenings 
  • Training the PR commissioner of other committees
Commissioner of Sponsorship

The Commissioner of Sponsorship is responsible for maintaining contact with sponsors and other partnerships. The Commissioner of Sponsorship is therefore responsible for maintaining external contacts concerning promotion and sponsorship.

Duties of the Commissioner of Sponsorship include

  • Searching for sponsorship opportunities and negotiating sponsorship contracts
  • Thinking creatively about partnerships where sponsoring opportunities are limited
  • Arrange sponsorship for the SIB link, the Symposium and the UIT

Current situation

Op dit moment is er een afzonderlijke functie binnen het bestuur, de Commissaris Digitale Zaken.

We look forward to your application! Again, if you have any questions, feel free to approach a current Board member. Even if you just want to chat about the topic! We are happy to help you.