Privacy policy

Privacy policy

SIB-Utrecht stores data from involved persons in different locations. In regard of the new AVG-law is the association transparent where those records are stored and for what they are used. The relation held with SIB-Utrecht always has the right to be “forgotten” if no other juridical aspects are being overstepped (think of the financial obligation to preserve bookings and to be able to account for).

If you sign up with SIB in any way; whether that is as a member, an alumnus, a donor or a visitor of an activity, you are in agreement with the following conditions:

I give permission under the following conditions:

- My permission only applies to the hereunder described reasons, data and people/instances.

– SIB-Utrecht informs me about the data that are exchanged about me and the data that is registered about me. This means, for example, that SIB-Utrecht explains to me which specific data is involved and why this data is necessary to be of service to me.

– If date is no longer required, SIB-Utrecht will delete it. If data is not required, SIB-Utrecht will not register it.

– I can choose not to give permission or only give permission for certain parts. SIB-Utrecht explains the consequences for my membership if I do not give my consent for (certain) data.

– I can request and view my data at any time at SIB-Utrecht.

The role of permission in the social domain

– I can withdraw my consent at any time. In some cases, the withdrawal of consent will have consequences for my membership. SIB-Utrecht will inform me about this on a case by case basis.

Personal details that are recorded in Conscribo (administration system).  

Name and date of birth, email adress (Obligated for membership)                                

This information is required because:

We must be able to address the member in question and know whether he/she can be a member at all (because of his/her age). We must also be able to correspond with him/her via email.

IBAN, educational institution, education (Obligated for membership)                    

This information is required because:

We cannot collect a contribution without an IBAN and it is not possible to be a member without paying the contribution. Unfortunately, it is not possible to become a member without us knowing the education and the educational institution, because Utrecht University requires this information from us. If we do not deliver these, we will no longer receive any financial compensation from the UU and that would mean the end of SIB-Utrecht.

Signature /online agreement                                                               

This information is required because:

The member in question is otherwise not officially registered and thus we cannot collect a contribution from him or her.

Mobile number               

This information is required because:

Otherwise the member in question cannot be reached before or during activities. For example, if the member has signed up for an activity but he or she is not there, we can call him/her to ask if he/she is still coming.

Adress data

This information is required because:

Otherwise we cannot send the member a SIB-Link or any other mail.

Contact details of a contact person: name, phone number                                    

This information is required because:

Otherwise we cannot contact a contact person in case of an emergency.

Dietary requirements: Allergies/vegetarian                                                                

This information is required because:

Otherwise we cannot adjust the activities to the eating preferences of the member in question. niet de activiteiten afstemmen op de eetwensen van het betreffende lid.

Medical matters or other relevant health information

This information is required because:

Otherwise we cannot adjust the activities to the eating preferences of the member in question. niet de activiteiten afstemmen op de wensen van het betreffende lid.

By using photos on social media and the SIB website (, we want to make SIB's image as attractive as possible and thus attract new members.


SIB-Utrecht only provides Utrecht University with numbers, such as how many of our members are studying at this university. Names and other data that can lead back to certain members are not provided.

If for any reason SIB-Utrecht wants to provide data to other organizations, for example for participating in an activity. SIB-Utrecht will never do this without informing the relevant members and asking for permission.