What is NVVN?

Like many other member states of the UN, the Netherlands also has an Association for the United Nations. The Dutch Association for the United Nations (Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Verenigde Naties), called the NVVN for short, was founded in 1987. In the statutes, the goals of the NVVN are expressed as follows: "Promoting the objectives of the United Nations in the Netherlands in order to make the population aware of the need for international cooperation and the establishment of an international legal order".

The NVVN wants to make the public and politicians aware that confrontation must be replaced by cooperation and regulation, as this will result in a better world. The NVVN follows what happens in the United Nations in a positive-critical way, and tries to lead the debate in the Netherlands on how the UN can be improved. As a non-governmental organization, the association follows the Dutch input to the United Nations and tries to influence it in a positive way. The NVVN is in no way bound to party politics. It is a broad movement that appeals to people who feel an affinity with the UN from idealism, as well as people who feel involved because of business or other professional reasons. Since a multitude of issues are discussed at the United Nations, the NVVN is thematically broadly oriented. The pluriformity of members also brings with it a multitude of opinions. The board never takes a stand on behalf of the members. The NVVN, however, usually the chair, does take part in the public debate about the UN and the role that the Netherlands plays in this organization. 

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SIB-Utrecht & NVVN 

SIB-Utrecht is happy to cooperate with the NVVN, especially since SIB as a student association is linked to the UN and is an official United Nations Students Association. For example, we organize a lecture at least once a year in cooperation with NVVN and we keep each other informed about interesting activities.