Documentaire screening: North Korea’s Millennials

How is it to grow up in North Korea? What do North Koreans know about the outside world? And what do North Korean think of their new life in South Korea? These and many more questions will be answered during LiNK-The Netherlands’ first documentary night: the Jangmadang Generation. 
We from LiNK (Liberty in North Korea)- the Netherlands would like to invite youto our first event, which will take place on the 27th of March at Leiden University. Come to an exclusive screening of a film about teenage smugglers, covert entrepreneurs, guerrilla marketing, illegal foreign media in North Korea, and more!  
Where: Leiden, Lipsius Building, Room 227 When: 27th of March from 6-8pm What: Documentary night about the life of North Korea’s Millennials Entrance is free! 
Please check our Facebook page for more information! You can contact us as by Facebook or by e-mail (link.rotterdam@gmail.com).