Becoming. An Inquiry on Identity. | Symposium SIB-Utrecht

Becoming. An Inquiry on Identity. | Symposium SIB-Utrecht


Identity. Throughout our human life, forming ourselves is a large part of what we do. This search for ourselves does of course not simply end after our teenage years, after our student era, or even after finally referring to ourselves as grown adults.
How did you come to be who you are, at any age? What are the internal drives behind the shaping of your identity, and how can you take an active role in its development? During ‘Becoming. An Inquiry on Identity’, we will explore these questions through talks and workshops at which you can pick the brains of experts, and learn about tangible ways to actively participate in shaping who you are and your place in the world. Explore with us the whirlwind that is identity shaping, at our Symposium on May 7th at Instituto Cervantes.

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Welcome: 12:45-13:15


Speakers will be announced soon!

The symposium will end around 16:30. The exact schedule will be announced soon.

Sessions & Speakers