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Cartography in Present and Past: The Art and Science of Mapping the World

Tuesday November 16th 2021 | 20:00-21:30 | Online via this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85440599168

Do you have a map hanging on the wall of your living room? Or maybe you even own a globe that shows geographical information about the whole world? Humans are often fascinated by cartography, which combines art and science to graphically represent a geographical area. Cartography finds its origin in the prehistory, but is still used nowadays to make geographical information visible for a larger audience. So what was the goal of cartography in history and how does this compare to the goal of cartography nowadays? And how can old as well as new maps help us understand the world around us? This and more will be discussed with Ferjan Ormeling and Eddie Poppe on November 16th during our themeweek about cartography.

Ferjan Ormeling is a Dutch cartographer, who worked on the Bosatlas during his studies. After his studies he became professor cartography at Utrecht University. As head of one of the few cartographic studies in the Netherlands he became a figurehead of cartography in the Netherlands. During the talk Ferjan Ormeling will shed a light on the ends and means of cartography. Eddie Poppe started twenty years ago as a GIS-cartography student, after which he started working as geo-information specialist for the province of Utrecht. Eddie Poppe also runs his own cartographic consultancy firm, where he works with Dutch as well as international customers. Eddie Poppe will tell us more about his work as contemporary cartographer.