Is it time to say goodbye to your SIB career? Why not add one more permanent title to your lovely time at SIB. By becoming an alumnus, you support SIB in its existence, even if you are no longer a member!

As an alumnus, you will receive a certificate with your SIB career on it. We host special activities for alumni, such as the half-yearly reunion party and the reunion which takes place once every five years, which is organized in cooperation with alumni. In addition, you receive the annual Ad Infinitum and an extensive newsletter. Also, you are invited to special SIB activities such as the congress and symposium. That way you stay informed about what is happening at SIB. Furthermore, alumni can of course always show initiative to organize an activity!

You can register as an alumnus by filling in the form below.

For more information about alumni you can e-mail to: reunisten[at] If you want to unsubscribe as an alumnus, you must do so before August 1st.

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