Productivity and mental clarity

Tuesday May 19th 2020 | 20:00 – 21:00 | Facebook and YouTube |

It seems that our obsession with productivity has exploded over the past years. With the advent of social media, it has become harder to focus on the things that we would actually like to do. Luckily there are several apps and extensions with which you can block distracting media and techniques to boost your output. At the same time, burnout and stress have increased among both students and workers. Naturally, the current pandemic isn’t helpful in alleviating these problems, but has raised some interesting questions as we take a step back from work: Why do we like to be and stay productive, and is it the answer for a meaningful life? Furthermore, how do we discover what we want and stay focused on it in a world full of distractions?

During this talk, these two sides of the coin will be discussed with Nathaniel Drew. He is a popular content creator on YouTube, creating videos on mental clarity, living intentionally, and how to live a better life in the 21st century.

This talk will be livestreamed on our Facebook page and YouTube channel and will be accessible for everyone to watch. You will be able to ask Nathaniel Drew your questions in the chat! Check out the following links on May 19th at 20:00: