SIB Symposium: The World in 2120

March 7th 2020 | Instituto Cervantes Utrecht | 10:00-16:30

Get your ticket here: https://forms.gle/SRkWmufNBpJVzdHh6

During this symposium organised by SIB-Utrecht the state of the world and life in 2120 are central. We will take a look at what the future might hold for mankind, what the effects on our personal lives could be, and what influence you can have on your own future and those of others. Which disasters could occur in the world and what can be done in preparation? How will education, politics, and religion likely develop? Through various talks, workshops, masterclasses, and panel discussions these and other questions will be answered.

At the symposium many different experts will shed light on the world and life 100 years from now! Including research fellow at Clingendael Institute Sico van der Meer, and teacher and education innovator Biomedical Sciences Marc van Mil. Full programme: https://www.sib-utrecht.nl/The-world-in-2120