Dies Natalis Talk: The Future of Utrecht

Tuesday March 9th 2021 | 20:00 – 21:15| Facebook and Youtube| Utrecht is one of the fastest growing cities in the Netherlands, but this growth comes with challenges. For example: where do we want to build new houses? How do we make sure there is enough green in the city and how do we deal […]

The Nacha Society presents: Netflix documentary – Rotten (2019)

Avocados are everywhere! You can find this superfood in your guac, salad or and with all the so-called health benefits you would like to eat them all day, every day. But hold your, there is unfortunately a dark and bitter side to the avocado industry – let’s explore the true cost of the in this […]

Vacature: Trainingen op Maat (TOM)

Wil jij jezelf graag ontwikkelen door trainingen te geven? Heb je relevante kennis en ervaring op het gebied van medezeggenschap, (studenten)bestuur of soft skills? En wil je deze kennis en ervaring delen met actieve studenten in studentenorganisaties door heel Nederland? Word dan trainer bij Trainingen op Maat (ToM), hét trainersbureau van de Landelijke Studentenvakbond! Als trainer bij ToM […]

Partee Online Party Night

Following last year’s success, the Party Committee is once again back with an online party night! It’s time to discover new secrets, get to know your fellow SIBers even better, possibly a little too well… So get out your beers, glasses of wines, cocktails or apple juice for all I care and enjoy a night […]

New Year’s Drinks & Kahoot

Ring in the new year with us! Tomorrow night (January 5th), SIB gets back at it. We’ll open the year with a special drinks including a Kahoot game about 2020, SIB and our beautiful city of Utrecht! Join us @Discord, 20:30!

The AcCo Presents: Where is Sinterklaas?

Haven’t seen your fellow-freshmen in a while? The AcCo presents the second First-Year’s Activity of the year!Sinterklaas is missing – but who has done it? Get to know the chilling story, interrogate the suspects, find the clues. Can your group find Saint Nick… or is it already too late…?All first-years and their mentors are welcome […]

Meditation Time: Come Relax With US

Feel like relaxing? No screen time? Get the kettle going, grab your blanket and comfy clothes and join the celebration of the reborn World’s Religions Society 🌸Thursday December 3rd, we follow a guided meditation (15 mins) to relax and to release negative energy and worries. Afterwards, you can hang out in small groups to discuss […]

The Filmco presents: Black Mirror Discussion Night!

Technology plays a big part in our lives, but can it have a downside? What will the future hold in this ever digitizing world? Next week we’ll watch Black Mirror, a show about the near future, and discuss this afterward Sign up here!Thursday November 26th, 20:00 @Discord

The AcCo presents: Story Adventure!

It started with a nice walk in the woods, but it was followed by a disaster. You and your friends are thrown in the middle of a apocalyptic zombie-uprising. The choices you make make will influence how the story unfolds and, eventually, the fate of the world. Be prepared! Sign up here: https://forms.gle/mL4UDKVwtUhTMb4T8Thursday November 19th, […]

KCG Presents: Online Piano Concert

Classical music, what does that actually mean? What does the word ‘classical’ mean to you? The Arts and Culture Society will take you on a journey through the different style periods through the ages from the 1700’s till modern times, in an online concert on Thursday November 12th, 20:00! Click on this link for more […]